To celebrate Isaac Hayes’ constant support of the Stax Music Academy and his Stax Records Legacy, the Hayes family, in lieu of flowers requests that donations be sent to the Stax Music Academy in Memphis, made out to Soulsville, 926 E. McLemore Avenue, Memphis, TN 38106. Please specify “In memory of Isaac Hayes.”

The Way to Happiness:
A gift from Isaac Hayes

The Way to Happiness free e-book
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Isaac Hayes supports the louisiana people
Isaac Hayes donates to the Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation. Click here to see the PSA

Singer Isaac Hayes honored as Tennessee Treasure
NASHVILLE, Tenn. To the guitar riff of "Theme from Shaft," Memphis entertainer Isaac Hayes entered the Tennessee legislative chambers to be honored as a "Tennessee Treasure." more

The Way to Happiness: a gift from Isaac Hayes
It is the CHOICES that we make that are the key factors in determining our happiness and quality of life.
It is easy to see how your choices directly affect your life - but the choices of loved ones, business associates and others also affect you. Even the actions of governments and big business are individuals making choices and decisions that can affect a great, great many people.
The Way to Happiness book gives a simple, straighforward and direct look at what the options are and enables individuals to decide the best course of action in any given situation.
The Way to Happiness book is for anyone who wants to make the best choices and decisions possible in their lives. Get your copy today! more


Hayes is a tireless champion of human rights. Currently, he is the international spokesman for the World Literacy Crusade, in which he encourages people to work and/or stay in school, and the Shepherd Foundation, a Harlem-based non-profit organization that researches alternative treatments for degenerative diseases. Isaac is devoting much of his time to charitable causes through the Isaac Hayes Foundation, founded in May of 1999 by Isaac Hayes, whom in addition to being a musician and actor, has always been a tireless champion of human rights. The Isaac Hayes Foundation (IHF) partners with other nonprofit organizations to support global causes and serve the needs of the community. With programs such as his Literacy Links 2000 and the technology center in Ghana.
The Isaac Hayes Foundation is dedicated to assisting vulnerable populations in realizing their full potential through grants, technical assistance and program development in the areas of health care, economic, community, environmental and human development.

In 1992, Hayes was appointed Honorary King for Development of the Ada Tradition area in Ghana in Western Africa. There, his official name is Nene (King) Katey Ocansey I, and he is responsible for improving literacy as well as spurring industrial and economic growth. In the summer of 2000, Hayes opened a school in Ghana that is designed to link children in Africa with those in American inner cities via the Internet.

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